Alicia Bay Laurel
This T-shirt imparts a look of joie de vivre. Even the most demure can wear it as exceedingly comfortable organic cotton pajamas. Thirty of these were liberated from me last year by thieves in Nigeria. They knew a good thing when they saw it.

Two remarkable men model the shirt below.

Please email Alicia directly to place your order.

The shirts are now $10 plus postage and handling. Such a deal.


Printed with brown vegetable dye on natural (cream colored) organic cotton, with art from the cover of Living on the Earth.
Sizes XL, XXL
Size XL: $10.00
Size XXL: $15.00

Poet/mathematician Jim Loomis at Eternity's Sunrise, Huelo, Maui

Leon at Libre (an artists' community in the Huerfano Valley, Colorado)

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