Garlands of Love


I visited my brother and his wife in Irvine. Twenty years together, and more in love than ever, they are about to adopt a Chinese baby girl. They have already decorated her bedroom with ballerina teddy bears. They are both survivors of nightmares, making a fairy tale come true. I bask in their sweetness. They love the wedding song on my CD.

I float south on mighty 405 to La Jolla. The coast recalls Spain, the Mediterranean. Glenn and Chris, who I have met only by phone and e-mail until now, instantly become family. They have created a party in my honor--Chris's sumptuous meal, a gathering with Jodi, Glenn's sister, the owner of In Harmony Herbs and Spices, and her partner John. Merriment, ease, inspiration shared. Stories of people and places remembered in common. I sleep well, if briefly, that night in my comfortable inflatable bed, complete with purple flannel sheets and the purple down bag I bought from Heather and David on Maui in the 1970's after they had hiked with it through the Himalayas.