Mercury Goes Direct

I awoke with a chuckle, and Chris noticed this from the breakfast table. The whole energy of the universe changed direction this morning. The rain stopped. The stock market rose dramatically after a Microsoft-induced plunge. Time to boogie. I bid my new family a fond farewell.

I took advantage of the opening in the force field and made my way north to Huntington Beach, where I have a standing invitation at the home of my childhood friend Geri Woolls. I unpacked my suitcases and reorganized them in her living room. Her brilliant teenage son Joseph builds computers but doesn't like school. I've heard he is a terror, but he is always friendly to me. This time he has a new girlfriend, Sarah, and she played the guitar for me. I am honored. The kids are vegetarians.

Long term friendship adds a philosophical perspective. This, too, shall pass. We loved each other long before the current predicaments arrived in our lives, and we will love one another long after they fade from memory.


Geri laughing.