Easter Sunday


Easter is the feast of the goddess Ashtara, Ishtar, Esther...the great fertility goddess, represented by eggs and rabbits, the first full moon after the equinox. The earth is awakening, flowers open, baby animals are born. The Christians optioned the old holidays since they were impossible to squelch. Yuletide, a Druidic rite, really a cave man holiday--ooh, it's really dark, let's get together, light some lights and eat some food. The rhythms of the earth compell one to celebrate. The old gods knew this. Pan, the free-spirited, pipe-playing, goat-horned and -hoofed god of the woods and fields has been re-cast as the Devil. There is no Devil. There is only being out of synch with one's eternal, internal angelic self. This has to be the worst pain.