A Stairway to Heaven


Today was about raising my vibration level. I was starting to chase my tail. My cell phone kept cutting out in the middle of calls. The wallet with the three checkbooks became invisible. I spent hours driving across LA and then waiting around the frenetic Sprint store for a technician to upgrade the software in the phone, all the while wondering where I last saw the checkbooks. It was Road Hell.


I decided that nothing was more important than that I feel good right now. That would lead to solutions. I stopped at a health food store, bought a picnic lunch and slowly ate it outdoors at an umbrella table. I counted the aspects of my journey that pleased me. I decided to see things from a perspective of All Is Well.


I methodically searched the house where I had been staying, then the car and then contacted the place I had stayed before. The wallet continued to remain invisible. Then I called all three banks and arranged by various means to place a temporary freeze on the accounts, change the account numbers, and simultaneously free up enough cash to keep me going for another six weeks. That done, I happily took my godmother Godeane out to dinner to celebrate her birthday and, afterwards, got out my guitar and played her some songs from my CD. She said "Your chops are really up." Godeane is professional vocal coach and speech therapist; her encouragement carries weight. I also realized that I experience great pleasure from playing my songs. I am looking forward to sharing them all across the country--starting this Thursday in San Diego.