Mari Kono Goes On The Road


Hello friends!

I am currently getting busy, creating a new and original slide show to
complement the fantastic music of two of my
favorite bands, THE SECRET CHIEFS 3 and ESTRADASPHERE.  We are all going
to go on tour together this
spring and travel throughout the United States and parts of Canada.  We
will perform and bring fantastic music combined
with what I hope to be a fantastic visual extravaganza of eye candy

I write you today to let you know our itinerary.  Please come to the
shows!  I guarantee you that the music is of the
highest caliber and though I have no idea as of this moment what you
will actually experience the night of the show, I can
whole heartedly say, it will be memorable.  Our tour is called, THE
, an evening of music from the uncharted spheres.  There will be fire
dances, healing sessions, esoteric enthusiasm enough
to stir the dead rodent living in the sewer of any unclean psyche.  YOU
MUST COME!  Hear and See!

Please do not write any e-mails to me now.  I will write if I am able to
from the road for now I am swamped with my
one most important task at hand.  Preparation for this great journey!

Our iternerary is as follows:

  Date               City                   Venue
May 19       Santa Cruz CA         Palookaville
May 20       San Francisco CA    Slim's
May 23       Fort Collins CO       The Starlight
May 24        Denver CO            The Bluebird Theater
May 25        Lincoln NE             Knickerbocker's               .
May 27        Chicago IL           The Double Door    .
May 28        Ferndale MI          The Magic
Bag                               .
May 30         Cleveland OH          Peabody's Down Under
May 31         Toronto ON                 ?
Jun 01           Montreal PQ          Foufounes Electriques
jun 02            N. Hampton VT           ?
Jun 03          Providence RI         The Met Cafe
Jun 04           Cambridge MA      The Middle East Club
Jun 06            New York NY       Wetlands Preserve
Jun 07            Philadelphia PA       .North Star Bar
Jun 08           Washington DC        The Metro Cafe
JUN 09           Ralley NC                  ?
Jun 10           Columbia SC           The New Brookland Tavern
JUN 11           Atlanta                   the Masquerade
JUN 12            New Orleans            ?
Jun 14            Austin TX               .Emo's
Jun 16            Tucson AZ                ?
Jun 17            San Diego CA            The Casbah
Jun 18            Los Angeles CA        The Knitting Factory

I love you all and look forward to visiting you in your town.  Please
make a note of the
venue and dates and I'll see you at the show(s)!  Hope this message
finds you in happiness
and doing A-OK.

Love, Mari