Not Enough of Santa Barbara

Pink and burgundy iris in Lily's garden



Two almond trees frame the gate through the high hedge surrounding Lily's abode


I loved visiting with Lily, and I wished I had time to spend with Meredith Moore, a friend from my Wheeler Ranch days now in the catering business. I wanted to see musicians Dick and Arlene Dunlap. I especially wanted to see Caroline MacDougall, the empress of Teechino, and crusader against the evils of caffeine. Teechino, for those of yet unaware, is an herbal caffeine-free cappuccino product available in natural foods stores, which comes in a variety of luscious flavors. Caroline is currently writing a pamphlet which she describes as "the cliff notes" for a complete book on the effects of caffeine, also in progress. She runs the Teechino business from a sprawling Spanish style house with a wonderful view in the hills above Santa Barbara where she lives with her husband Jim Hickman and their children. I managed to get in a phone call, but between errands and packing, the day was eaten, and I knew I would have to drive to San Luis Obispo that evening to be up in the morning for my two events the next day.

John Flynn beneath his wrench fringe

On my way out of town, I dined with Lily and her beau, John Flynn, at The Cold Spring Tavern, a former stage coach stop in the mountains between Santa Barbara and Cochima Lake. The hundred year old wooden walls, festooned with taxidermy and antique hardware, bespoke a less genteel back-to-the-land movement inwhich firearms were acceptable and expected gentlemen's accessories.