Traffic Jam on the Information Superhighway


My web site was moved today from a server in Florida to one in Alabama. This required a convergence of minds--the owners of both servers, the former webmaster and the new one, and Steve Gursky, who redesigned the site last April. Steve Slater, Steve Gursky and I are conference-calling as I write. It took two attempts to get through the internic robot, and a readjustment of my e-mail settings. Some of the e-mail to got lost in the transistion. If you sent me an e-mail in the past three days (May 7, 8, 9), you may want to send it again. I still have to change the file transfer protocol (the program takes my documents and images from my computer to the server's) readjusted with the new settings for the new server. After that I can upload the last few day's diary pages. I apologize to anyone who has been frustrated by these changes.


Tomorrow I am driving to Big Sur to do events at Esalen Institute and Henry Miller Library. I am not sure I will have access to a phone line with which to upload new journal pages. If not, I will upload once I get to Carmel on Sunday night. Please bear with me!