That Still Small Voice

On my way out of Big Sur, I stopped at Heart Beat Gallery to show my book and CD to Teresa, the owner of the gallery who put on that wonderful dance the night before. I bought a beautifully woven wide-brimmed hat for hiking and was tempted by Teresa's cache of exotic goods to dawdle a bit longer, when my inner voice said, quite distinctly, "Get in the car; let's go." One second after I closed the car door, a torrential downpour began.

In spite of the rain, I loved the drive to Carmel, the high seacliffs blooming with purple lupine, orange poppies, magenta ice plant, and white morning glory, giving way to rolling green hills, and then the shock of the white sand beach fronting the town. The rain thinned to a sprinkle as I followed Carmel Valley Road inland twenty three miles and then took a couple of side roads to visit the fabled sanctuary of sacred songstress Sophia, she of the healing and Tantric retreats.


Tara, beloved wolf of Sophia

Sophia loves wolves, and has two of them, plus a stray dog she took in out of pity (she's a Pisces, of course), and six cats (I don't even like cats that much, she admitted.) We became friends when we both roomed in Topanga Canyon in the early 'eighties. She has recorded nine CDs of original music and has been urging me to record mine for years. I am pleased to finally have one to give her (I have all of hers!)


Richard and the house they remodeled, which is graced by roses and hollyhocks

Jovial Richard Roberts, Sophia's ex-husband from years ago, came back to tend to her after she had a car accident, and they are in love again. I am glad to see him again, too. Sophia has just arrived victorious from a craft fair in San Luis Obispo at which she sold $700 worth of her CDs. People are deeply moved by her rich voice and enlightening lyrics; she sings at spiritual retreats lead by famous workshop presenters, and she leads a class of her own, called Tantric Harmonics.

The home decor reflects her life path, and I am slightly bemused to find myself gazed upon by pictures of avatars while I sit on the toilet.