Several Set Changes


I drove back to Cupertino in preparation for my four day trip to New York City. Lani and Alan have offered to store my packed car in their garage and drive me to the San Jose Airport before dawn (my plane leaves at 6:30 AM on Wednesday). I am overwhelmed by their generosity; they are happy to be part of my adventure. So it is with epoch tales--the heroes always progress through the kindness of magical beings they encounter along the way.


I am taking Sunday as a recharge: do more laundry, call family members, re-organize for a one-day trip to Santa Cruz. I finally sign up with Dial Pad Dot Com so I can make free long distance calls over the Internet. Joe Gallivan calls from Los Angeles on his way to New York. Fiji, he declares, is the friendliness place on earth. People stop and talk to you wherever you go. Moorea, he continues, was touched by God's hand. Joe rarely speaks in these terms. As beautiful as Hawaii is, he says, next to Moorea, it's a dump. That's more the way Joe talks. And Auckland, he continues. What a great city. I met a guy there and I think he's going to get me a gig--there and in Australia. I am happy to hear his voice again.


Lani and Alan return from a day trip to the beach in Santa Cruz happy and sunburned. I join them in the shade of the garden arbor for supper al fresco in the delicious cool of the evening surrounded by the brilliant flowers of Lani's potted plants.



After supper I'm on the road again--to sleep at Allison Yucha's home in Santa Cruz so I won't be stuck in holiday beach traffic on my way to my noon radio interview with Eric Schoeck at KUSP the next day. I'm pleased to have an excuse to visit Allison and her family. Allison's efforts brought together the largest and most enthusiastic audience thus far on my tour; she manifested this out of appreciation for the effect of the first edition of the book on her life. I want to know her as a friend.