Manifesto 2000


A gorgeous youth with brightly colored hair and many rings on his body handed me a small slip of paper at the Eugene Saturday Market, which I read today. I thought it worth sharing with everyone, so here it is:


The United Nations has proclaimed the year 2000 as the International Year for the Culture of Peace. Manifesto 2000 was writeen by a group of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in order to create a sense of responsibility starting on a personal level. It is the responsibility of each and every individual to put into practice the values, attitudes and forms of behavior which inspire the culture of peace. Everyone can contribute to this aim by promoting non-violence, tolerance, dialogue, reconciliation, justice and solidarity on a daily basis.

If we all lived by the principles of Manifesto 2000, can you imagine what our world would be like? Living by these principles is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. Please spend some time reflecting how you will incorporate these ideals in your life.

Would you sign Manifesto 2000? You may sign it online and find additional information at

Manifesto 2000 for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence

Recognizing my share of responsibility for the future of humanity, especially for today's children and those of future generations, I pledge--in my daily life, in my family, my work, my community, my country and my region to:

Respect the life and dignity of every person without discrimination or prejudice;

Practice active non-violence, rejecting violence in all its forms: physical, sexual, psychological, economical and social, in particular towards the most deprived and vulnerable such as children and adolescents;

Share my time and material resources in a spirit of generosity to put an end to exclusion, injustice, and political and economic oppression;

Defend freedom of expression and cultural diversity, giving preference always to dialogue and listening rather than fanaticism, defamation, and the rejection of others;

Promote consumer behavior that is responsible and development practices that respect all forms of life and preserve the balance of nature on the planet;

Contribute to the development of my community, with the full participation of women, and respect for democratic principles, in order to create together new forms of solidarity.