A Walk on Puget Sound


Bernie and I strolled in nearby Seahurst Park this afternoon, engendering a sense of place, with views of Puget Sound and Vashon Island, the sights and sounds of ferries, tugboats, and seabirds, the sounds and smells of the sea, and even a surprise eagle flyby.


While the rest of North America swelters in July, the north Pacific coast remains cool to positively chillly. No one is swimming.



Bernie and I, giggling like children, jump up on the seawall and walk along it for quite a way.



Bernie says the plush beachfront homes on the Burien shoreline are only blocks from a poverty-stricken ghetto just over the crest of the hill.


Vashon Island on the horizon, one of a half dozen islands between the main area of Washington state and the Olympic Peninsula, a mountainous area with immense national forests that runs parallel to the mainland coast. Next week I will be driving up the Peninsula to visit friends in Port Townsend, on its northern coast.



Thumbs up for the verdant splendor of Puget Sound!