Hello. My name is Neill Kramer and I have been discussing the idea of
creating a Hippie Museum with Alicia Bay Laurel, author of the book, Living
On The Earth.

Here's what I have written so far. If anyone wants to join in this
discussion, please add yourself to this egroup:
or send a message to hippie_museum@yahoogroups.com

Looking forward to your comments,
Neill Kramer


Hippie Museum --- Peace, Love, Learning

Mission: The Hippie Museum is dedicated to understanding and extending key
elements of the hippie movement that began in the 1960s. Some of those key
elements are: believing in peace and love as a transformative process ­ both
personally and politically; self-sufficiency/ back-to-the-land; ingenuity in
architecture, fashion, and transportation; using music as a collective tool;
utilizing tolerance as a method of dealing with interpersonal relations. The
Hippie Museum and its associated web site, www.hippiemuseum.org,  will
engage visitors with historical information and media, as well as ongoing
workshops, retreats, etc.

Description: The web site will be the driving force behind the definition
and ultimate construction of the actual museum. The sitešs development will
be an organic process, both in terms of content and in terms of the
mechanics of developing the museum. In other words, if we create a virtual
dome, yurt, octagon, or bus on the web site, and users migrate towards the
dome both in terms of web traffic and financial donations, then a priority
will be placed on getting the dome constructed before the other structures.

It will be the responsibility of the founders to initially define the
outlines for what the museum and the web site will contain.

Some ideas for now:
- hippie vehicles that have been restored to their former glory
- cool treehouses and other alternative shelters (teepees, octagons, domes)
- walkways between the vehicles and the shelters
- exhibits in the vehicles and shelters
- a main house that would allow for communal dining, a small theater, a gift
shop, etc.
- a stage ­ for live concerts, lectures, poetry readings, etc.
- organic gardens (for providing meals, education, etc.)
- workshops on music, food, healing, crafts, consciousness-raising, etc.
- kids activities that revolve around sixties art practices (pop-art, etc)
- artists in residence
- hot tubs or mineral hot spring pools
- an inn that could house folks when there's weekend or weeklong events

The ongoing role of the museum is not only to present the realm of the
hippie era in a fun and historically accurate way, but also to serve as a
resource center or clearinghouse for current hippie-related information and
activism. In addition, the idea of a museum should be redefined, in the same
way that the hippies redefined what Amercian youth was all about.

Initial steps:
- Purchase the www.hippiemuseum.org domain. DONE.
- Place this description on newsgroups such as alt.gathering.rainbow,
rec.music.phish, rec.music.gdead and link to a dedicated email list for
interested parties to join.
- If there is sufficient interest (from newsgroups and free internet
promotions), start building the web site and continue to define what the
museum shall become.
- Create a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Ssee the whole thing is a world full of rucksack wanderers, Dharma Bums
refusing to subscribe to the general demand that they consume production and
therefore have to work for the privilege of consuming, all that crap they
didnšt really want anyway such as refrigerators, TV sets, cars, Sall of them
imprisoned in a system of work, produce, consume, work, produce, consume, I
see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of
young Americans wandering around with rucksacks, going up to mountains to
pray, making children laugh and old men glad, making young girls happy and
old girls happier, all of Oem Zen Lunatics who go about writing poems that
happen to appear in their heads for no reason and also by being kind and
also by strange unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to
everybody and to all living creatures.
--- Jack Kerouac (The Dharma Bums) 1958

I think we have to realize who the true enemies are & it's not husbands &
wives & families.  It's the system that keeps both spouses killing themselves
on a teradmill to pay for commodities and services INVENTED by the power
elite to keep them dulled and ignorant and overworked, so they don't have the
energy to grok what's really happening - the corporate greed that is
polluting our environment, brainwashing our children, terrorizing and
exploiting third-world countries  and making us dependent on "health care"
that doesn't care and prescription drugs that slowly kill - all for the
profit motive.  We live in an age so subtly evil that it's breathtaking.  Our
only defense is our awareness.  As Alicia says - we have more influence than
we know.  Our crazy generation of hippies have planted more seeds of freedom
and of consciousness that we can individually realize.  That's why we're so
valuable to one another - to help one another pierce these heavy veils of
illusion that our culture is dishing out daily.

And hey - maybe with a little help from my friends - my Morningstar friends -
who knows?  Maybe I'll get my juice back.  It could happen!


  Dear Alicia~

thanx so much for your groovy authorings! Living On The Earth is fabulous,
and I can hardly wait to read
Being of the Sun. Getting it from you, and an
autographed edition is just a bigger bonus!

I'll be saving my pennies to get a groovy Living On The Earth t-shirt or three,
and some of your music as well. I appreciate the web link; your site does you
justice and displays your works well.

Stay groovy, hang ten & please keep on creatin'!

thanx again! a second generation fan!

Tony Barber

  hey guess what we're all artifacts in the Cosmic Hippie Museum! That
was really some good 'chit man! : )   Char ~*

and.........living breathing proof that >they< were wrong,
and also lying about: 'flashbacks' , birth defects or
disabling brain damage from daring to engage in acts
of spiritual self-discovery.

if >they< were lying then , not so now?
Live ^up^ to what you need to do and don't let the
downpressors steer you aside.

  Dear Angel Voice ~

I am blown away with your new cd. Your voice is so beautiful! Sister,
girlfriend you are truly a gift from heaven. We absolutely LOVE "Living
Hawaii Style". Wow! I don't know how to express to you how deep
my appreciation is for your music (and other talents). Thank you, thank you,
thank you! Ah! Wonderful! This cd was worth waiting for!

I was so touched, right away with your new cd that I had to fight the urge
to pick up the phone immediately to tell you. This cd will be a huge success
in Hawaii, for sure. And it is definitely a huge success here already!

  Dear Ayala,

Thank you muchly. I was so excited it was hard to go to sleep last
night. It was so good to see your website (www.fiberfanatics.com),
and then follow your links to Alicia Bay Laurel's diary pages ( what a
blast from the past...I had enjoyed her books years ago, and love her name!)
I live in Nth NSW, Australia, on a little farm. I make
jewelry, and loved  to play with spinning, dying and
felting years ago. I am experimenting with felt again,
and really want to make some fantasy type "dolls"  and
your book will be so helpful.....
Lately i have been making glass beads, thanks to the
internet again.
You make such wonderful clothes and felty things. The
market looks great too.
A friend and I are having an exhibition next Spring.
This is a great motivator.I really needed some
motivation, and now I have so much....
AAAH, your home and garden are so beautiful...
I must not take any more of your time, thanks again,


I am inspired by your simple tools for living. Sark reccomended your site in her book Eat Mangos Naked,so I came. I like your music. There's a deep place,thats what I call it. I know you know what I mean. It's the sacred that is essential. Its also hard to describe if it's not an experiential encounter! This deep place in me is nourished by your simple songs and that's worth more then complexity in some ways. I enjoy complexity sometimes,also. I didn't read your book. It sounds as though it might be full of directions I might procrastinate from and then feel bad about procrastinating from. Its nourishing to me to speak my truth. I've been practising that.

I am learning about living in a way that supports contact with this deep,sacred place. I call my room in my home my womb-room since thats what I try to allow for myself and create for myself. A womb space with healthy borders and kind light joyful living for a deep good life. I find it difficult! I try to integrate this respect and depth for myself with all the other parts-people relationships and the wishes and patterns of those I love. And live with my family. I love them and it's difficult. I'd like to make friends with you,since I am drawn to contact with another soul who lives a life of that sacred space being lived. I have often conveyed ideas and images with words that hit there mark like arrows sinking in perfectly to something waiting for them,minds,but here I find that words may not convey what I'm trying to say,and thats ok too.

Your song In The Morning gave me these words and other stuff on your website. GOOD FOR YOU! With a genuine laugh-a laugh that came forth as a soft kind of plush sound breath through my smiling mouth and nose-theres another at describing it. My back hurts me now. I accept that and am moving slowly towards changing it.

With deep simple blessings

Braha Dora Sabina  

ps Please write back. I'd like that

  Dear Alicia~

We love your CD! Aaron (age 1) wants your CD on all day! Thank you for your music~

With love,
Vonny Chotzen, Bill Jenner, Aaron Chotzen-Jenner

  Hi Alicia,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Hawaiian CD! I listened to half of it before bed last night, I
felt so happy and cozy and Stuart said it reminded him of being in Hawaii, he
used to be a waiter in Kona.

Your voice is so beautiful and unique, it feels so warm and cozy, like a good
friend. I love your songs. The 50's hawaiian song (3) is beautiful, they all
are. I'm so glad you are getting fan mail, you should be! You will have fun
marketing these!! They will go like hot cakes in all kind of specialty Hawaiian
shops as well as the traditional bookstores and music stores and at your concerts.

sometimes your voice reminds me of Mama Cass, I love her.

I hope you sell out fast and have to reorder and I hope they get played on
the radio.

aloha and many mahalos!!
Shari Elf
  I listened to your cd again today a couple of times and it is beautiful and
peaceful and all things good! Thank you so much for making this CD! It is
perfect to paint to and the animals all love it, too. And that says alot!!!
You know that small creatures are honest and in the moment.


Dear Alicia,

Wow, you are such an awesome person. I write in my journals everyday. 
They are a collection of random thoughts and emotions.  I have
been writing religiously for about four years now.  I
have been reading your travel journal and looking over your beautiful
pictures and I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me.  You are
such a beautiful person.

You mentioned that you moved to the woods when you were 19, correct?  Well,
I know what brought you there but how did you go about getting there?  I am
18 years old, I have no car and I would love to live in the woods.  I want
to live somewhere away from everything but I want to be able to ride my bike
into the town ya know?  You have been to about every place I dream of going
to, any ideas as to where I should go?

Please write back when you find time available, I would love to hear more
from you.

Lindsay Shepherd

Dear Lindsay~

Thank you for your wonderful letter.  I hope it's OK if I post it on the
Sept. 01 letters page on my web site!

When I lived at Wheeler Ranch commune, I had no money, no car, and not much
else.  I just arrived at the commune and made do with what was there.

Today there are many more land-based communes than there were then.  It
seems surprising, but, it's true.  Here's how you find them.  Go to
www.ic.org. That's IC for intentional community.  They have a magazine,
called Communities, and they have a big directory of communes all over the
USA and all over the world.  I visited one place called Dancing Rabbit
Eco-Village in Rutledge, Missouri.  Almost everybody there is under 30.
They have wonderful environmentally sound practices.  No one owns a car, but
the commune has three diesel powered vans, and they make their own
bio-diesel from leftover cooking oil from fast food places.  They build out
of salvaged lumber and strawbales.  They grow a lot of their food.  They
help publish the directory.

Try ordering the Communities Directory and read about all the different
places that are looking for folks to come and join them on the land.  You
might find one that has just the right focus for you.  Some are more for
artists, or more about making music.  Some are purely vegan.  Some have a
spiritual credo.  When you find one that sounds right, contact them and ask
if you can come as a guest.  If you like them and they like you, you probably
can stay longer as an intern.  If you don't like one community, you can
always try another.  You might learn about what it is you like or don't like
about communities by visiting several of them.

Please let me know what happens to you along your road.  Eighteen is such a
great place to be.  There is time to make so many different dreams come



  Dear Alicia,

Thanks so much for those wonderful inscriptions in the books!  I'm so
touched that you'd apply your amazing talents to brighten my life.  I'm glad
to have made friends with you and hope to express my gratitude in person

The CD is terrific--your songs are SO creative, and like the book, an
uncanny blend of simpleness and sophistication that's very difficult to pull
off.  You're an amazing guitarist and a clever lyricist.  The next time you
see Ramon, would you tell him I loved his choral arrangement?  I went to
college in Utah and am now picturing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing
the piece.  (Don't laugh; they actually do some contemporary and secular
stuff, and Mormons are big on early rising!)

You mentioned the hardcover edition of Living on the Earth was rare; do you
have any idea how many copies were made?  I've never seen another one
myself, even on the used-book websites, and from your diary entries it seems
your other friends don't have many either.

Thanks again for your sweet and thoughtful gestures.


Eric Sorensen

Well, that's a pleasure to read! I'm delighted you're receiving enthusiastic feedback
on your songs, and that the choral version also pleases! It always was an audience-
pleaser whenever the Occidental Community Choir sang it.

We now have the World Harmony Chorus rehearsing at the Ministry - they're an
offshoot of similarly named choruses in the east and south bay. Maybe I'll pass
a score on to them as well.

Makes a great encore piece!


Ramon Sender

  BE LOVED Alicia
Iam so happy to find your name in my mailbox. Thank you!  I'm just comin back
long summer tour. I have anothr band that name is<uminosati>.this name means
treasure of sea. this band recorded at sea west studio. Maybe you met
guitarist at there. I toured with this band,on this summer.
How is your new cd? is it hawaiian sound? I love your music too. your voice is
verry clear. sometime my son hamming <in the morning,in the morning......>
Now,there is<Being of the sun>on my side. My friend have it.I borrow it
longtime.this book is verry beautiful. I can found <living on the eartth> on
book shop. Could be same publisher make copy about <Being...>? now,this planet
peoples need it.
My <temple of light>is just imagination now. But I got small land for built
it. Now I raise the funds.
Anyway,are you stay in hawaii next january? Probably I go to hawaii. Couse the
anniversary of my partnar's death. He leaved his body in big island at last
year. we had ceremony hilo hongwanji at 27.jan. this year. <uminosati>played
music for him at hongwanji. Probably I will have ceremony next jan. If we get
timing, realy hope meet you!  Mahalo nui loa!
Sachiho Kudomi


Hi Alicia,  I wanted to thank you for your check and to tell you I love love
love your CD. It's so natural and sharing, and skillful.
     Your arrangement of Kane Kau was thrilling.  I listened to it the first
time at Hawaii Fest, after dinner with friends.  Then I listened to the rest
more carefully at home.
        Congradulations! You did a wonderful job, and I'm so proud that you
recorded this song that came so deep from my heart.  And that Lei's voice was
put on it.  I remember when I read your book looooong time ago I'd hoped I
could meet the majical, yet sensible being someday.
 The cover is fantastic with your wonderful style.

Love, Ginni Clemmons

i have just listened to your songs on Living in hawaii Style - they are so so lovely - what a beautiful voice you have and what  delicate guitar playing. i tried to order a few copies from cdbaby but for some reason they wouldn't accept my credit card, so i'll call the 800 number in a minute. I will have a few extra copies for birthday and other presents, and one copy for sarah Plant who wrote the music on Juliette of the Herbs. i know she too will love your music. And then i heard chard and chives which is charming!

Did you see the film Greenfingers?  

till the fall equinox, i send you lots of love, xxxxx  

tish streeten

Dear Alicia,  

I absolutely LOVE your new cd!  It is really beautiful.  Such a great mix of songs and I love the artwork on the cover!   Also, thank you so much for sending me signed copies of "The Earth Mass" and "The Tempest".  Like "Living on the Earth", the illustrations in these books and "Being of the Sun" are incredible!  Now I can see why they are such rare finds.    I'm going to work on my art project now and I will be listening to your "Living in Hawai'i Style"  and "Living on the Earth" cds.  If these were albums, I would have worn them out by now from playing them so much.  

Peace and Love,   Cheryl Dove    

thank you... thank you...  thank you.  We  got  your  most  beautiful
musical Hawaiian  LOVE(!)  ode . I already know the lyrics and sing along
with you, mostly while in the kitchen doing the dishes!   It is so entirely
infused  with the island atmosphere that i can smell the ripened blossoms in
your voice!   The  growing challenge of  my "city duty" is measurably
relieved ..it truly is a healing!!  I'm so happy for you.  And happy for me
too, to have you in my life.

I  think the Hawaiian chamber of commerce should  hire you to greet each
weary traveller.
I really believe this will carry you gracefully for a long long time.....

Lot's of music here too. Theo just did a week with James Moody, and there
have been quite a few very late night "hangs" with , what feels and sounds
like, the spirits of Miles, "trane" and Monk.
But being here in this big city, in care taking mode, requires  many mini
quick escapes...now i have your CD as a most treasured one!!   Lot of LOVE,

Aloha from Okinawa 9/12/01

They are islam(terrorist) and christian(Bush),why they obey their master.
Jesus teach only love,also mahometto. Every religion is step to GOD. GOD
is great spirit,enagy of create,only love. Blindness is real enemy.
your music is makes me happy. you play slack key guiter! so wonderfull!
Hawaiian style is so good! we used same ipu. is it rick's?
If you attend ceremony please sing for him,if you like.
I send you,love&respect. my sister.

Sachiho Kudomi

It is a mystery why people use teachings of divine love as an excuse to hurt
and kill each other.  The earth is all of our mother.  She loves all of her
children--the people, the animals, the plants, the clouds and the sea.
There is plenty if everyone shares.  This is so simple for some of us to
see, and impossible for others to see.  But we who are artists can help
others to see what they have not seen before.  We can try.

I am so happy you like my Hawaiian music!  Thank you for your kind words and
your love.  Rick played the ipu on my CD, and sometimes the ukulele.  I will
be happy to play and sing at your ceremony if you like.

Love to you also, sister singer and musician!


You really did a beautiful job on the new cd.  I'm going to take mine to H.B. so my sons can listen to it.  I know they are going to love the slack key guitar.  They heard your Living on the Earth cd and thought you were really a good musician.   Peace and Love.   Cheryl

I have my own copy of Alicia's CD ' Living in Hawaiian Style'
playing here , now.

I really have to recommend this wonderful, rich, light hearted
collection of musical poetry as the truly perfect
thing to be listening to in these awful troubled days.

I mean, I totally sympathize with the pain of what has happened
in New York and I deeply fear the implications of what is
foreboding to come. My mind and senses have been on media overload
lately and I find myself just numb and depressed at times.
Then I put on Alicia's CD ....I am transported to a very calm ,sweet
restful place. The horrors I have been considering fade...
I need that break!

If you too need this sort of break....get this CD.
Whatever is going to happen next will happen, we all need
to at least preserve some peace within our souls.
Within our own minds and hearts.

Just a little review...

Robert Gowan

Alicia;  I have had your book Living on the Earth for many many years. It looks as old as it is...although, from your picture...you certainly look much younger than the days.... Anyway, I have your book sitting next to an autographed copy of Flashing on the 60's by our friend Lisa Law, an autographed copy of Ken Keysey's latest video adventure, and a copy of the Tao of Physics...You're on the first shelf :-) I had no idea that you still wrote and were on the road...If you ever get to Eastern Washington...near Spokane, I would LOVE to get your autograph on one of your latest works...Thanks for still being here- and being alive and so joyfull!

Keeping your book on my shelf has kept me feeling young. Sometimes when I am depressed, I pull out the old books...and get a super feeling that everything will be ok! You're one of my heroines, Alicia!  

Bob www.bobshannon.org  

Bob Shannon-Pinpoint Since 1992
"Yes, we were young, we were silly, we
made mistakes, we were obstinate, we
were naīve, but we were right!"

  Your music is very soothing and beautiful. When we were having an overload of "Attack on America" in the air (tv,radio,conversations in passing on the streets) we came back to the apartment where we are staying and put on your new cd and blissed out. It was a wonderful comfort and so relaxing.   A reminder of what an ancient, sacred, beautiful world in which we all live. Creative and free and full of love.

Tracy Dove-Coppen

Alicia's CD is delicious - in texture & melody.  Lovely stuff.  My big ole orange cat, Dagwood, likes it too.  He closes his eyes & purrs and stretches luxuriously on hearing it.  So far, I've found that cats like Vivaldi, Chopin - and Alicia Bay Laurel.  Who knows?  Maybe there'll be a feline run on Alicia's Hawaiian tape!

Love & badaba to all,

Pam Hanna

In the early morning hours of this Kentucky home, a Hawaiian song travels
across this misty morning of green.
The peace and comfort of song comforts the soul like a child's lullaby.

Someplace nice at one o'clock.
Should we sit on the table and listen to the music and see the day?
AllyCat has no problem with that.


The CD is beautiful!  I can't wait to get our copy.
What perfect timing to be releasing such beautiful
music.  I need to keep my mind filled with beautiful
things now, I know.

It was such a treat to have you in our home.  We've
made a few changes.  We were able to pull out all of
the concrete in the front yard and planted grass and
two pluot (plum apricot hybrid) trees.  It's so much
happier.  We also got a dog from Oregon's Humane
Society last October.  His name is Patch and he's a
Louisian Catahoula Leopard Dog (yep, it's a real
breed...not one we'd ever heard of!)  He's fantastic.
A real fun addition to our family.  He loves the new
grass in front, too.  :)

I hope you're well.  I'm on my way to your web site
now to order my copy of your new CD.

Peace and Love,
Angie (and Josh)

To My little song bird..............

One of my reminders from the world trade center .............to treat
the people in your life  like it my might be  your last day together.  I
am becoming  more open.

You know, when I have friends that want to do something and it seems a
little out of reach, I tell them about you and it gives them inspiration
and hope.  I have such a friend right now, and I even played your cd for
him.   His name is Henry and you'ed like him
We will be buying your new cd.!!!!!!
I keep your other cd in my cd player and go to sleep by it at night.
It's one of my all time favorite cds.  No shit.......I LOVE IT!


Alicia;   Thanks so much for the wonderful book. (Being of The Sun) This is the one
I had not read or seen. I am happy as can be and really appreciate your selling such a
special book to me....
Namaste' Bob

Hello. My name is Jacqueline Gauthier. I am very interested in the health of the planet
and all the living beings that live here. I am also a lover of yoga. I've read your book
Living On The Earth, and I think it is fabulous! It seems to say something about almost
everything you could be curious about (regarding living on the earth).

My dream is to share the joy of giving, the arts, and yoga with people. To somehow make it
free so everyone can enjoy it. I'm not sure exactly how to do that yet. Maybe I'll get the
chance to be a caretaker for someone's little house or something.

The reason I am writing to you is because I am curious about how you got started on your
path. How did you get interested in it, and how did you get started doing what you do?
Did you have support from people, your family or friends? Or did you have to go it all alone?
When things didn't go right, how did you keep believing in yourself?

I would like to know anything you would like to tell me!! :-) Please semd me a letter if you can.
(If you can't, please don't feel bad!! I'll understand.)

Thank you ever so much! Thank you , thank you, thank you!! :-)

Jacqueline Gauthier