Dear Alicia,

Thanks so much for your CD, Living in Hawaii Style. I have been
transported to another place and time!

When I heard "Kanikau O Hawaii," I "wept profusely," and then I read the
liner notes.

I can't really say which song I liked best, but I do have a great fondness for
"Auntie Clara"--it brings her into my life as if I know her.

You've been a great inspiration to me. You do what you do with graceful

Once again, mahalo (thank you), Tita (sister),

Mary Keel
(Mary Keel is a talented singer living in Santa Rosa, California. I gifted her with
a copy of Living In Hawai'i Style when I found out she is bedridden with a
debilitating illness--ABL)


Alicia:  your personal note made me smile -- with all the wonderful people you meet on your
journey to take the extra time to personalize your card means so much to me.  

You mentioned the madness, It's odd but I've always felt that we were so blessed with the
peace of our lifetime here in the US and am not surprised that it has come to this.  Myself
and three women friends went to Big Sur last weekend and sat by the sea in that beautiful
clime and prayed for peace.  

Re:  Alicia Bay Laurel just to let you know I buy your products wherever I see them,
i.e. bookstores, and give them as gifts.  

Thank you for how you have celebrated life and continue to bless us with your creativity.  
Love, Meridith

Meredith is a friend from our days at Wheeler Ranch commune. She owns a catering company in
Santa Barbara, California.


  Hello Alicia,
I have been trying to find this book for awhile now{living on the earth}, as it had been
a book I used to own. I refound it on my birthday in Borders books and I'm thrilled! It was
like finding an old friend again. It fills me with light, joy, fire...and more happy things.
Sometimes ! I'd given up on the way people live and think, and then I saw the book again
and it's given me such inspiration!     
Thanks for the vision and the revision.................................
Blessings,        Christina Cohn

Hello Alicia!

I am so glad to get your email and am really looking
forward to getting your books!!  I wanted to tell you
that I LOVE your Hawaiian CD!  I think it is really
neat that you knew I had gotten it!

I so hope you will get the rights to your childrens'
books - they seem so beautiful and special.  Just a
couple days ago, my husband asked me who is my
favorite active living writer?  After thinking a
moment, I told him that it was you.  I read your book
Living on the Earth many years ago, and it has never
left me.  I am a voracious reader, and your book is
one of the most meaningful, special books to me.

A little about me:  I am a loving and kind Christian
hippie who has obsessive-compulsive disorder.  I
worked in retail for many years until just recently...
 when my husband got a computer programming job which
supports us both.  Now I get to do my own thing -
which has included a lot of wonderful time with my
children friends and my animal friends (and my adult
friends, too) and a lot of time to read!

It is SO nice of you to offer to inscribe the books!!!!
I am so EXCITED about that!  All of them except the
extra copy of The Tempest are for me.  Please inscribe
those three to "Starflower".  The other copy of The
is going to be a gift (but I'm not sure which
lucky friend is going to get it yet), so please sign
it, but not inscribed to a particular person.  I would
absolutely LOVE it if you would put pictures in
them!!!!  Some ideas which I would love: Jesus!(a
hippie Jesus would be so cool!), Madonna nursing baby
Jesus, the nativity with the animals, starflowers (the
actual flower which I am named for), sunshine,
mandalas, rainbows, butterflies.........    Please use
your intuition and artistic judgment to choose! I look
forward to the wonderful surprise!

Oh, yes, I have a very special cat named Melody... she
is one of the great joys of my life...  along with
Miko, my husband.  Telling a little about me would not
be complete without mentioning them. She is precious..
she is a 5 year old rescued cat - a big, long, fluffy,
part Siamese & part tabby sweetheart!

Much love & all good thoughts to you,

PS I REALLY hope you do write many more books - put me
down to get them all!

Hello Alicia!

I received the books - WOW!!!!!!!!!  They are SO
beautiful!  I absolutely LOVE all the special drawings
you did in them.  The beautiful Madonna with baby
Jesus, hippie Jesus, & the sweet kitty cat are the
most precious drawings!!!  I treasure them!  THANK

Love & all good wishes to you,  Starflower


       Good Sunday Morning Alicia,
     I apologize for delaying my response to you.  Of course you can
publish my letter on you web site!  When you last e-mailed me the timing
was so amazing though I guess I wanted good news to convey.
      You speak of how much more simply performers are staging their
shows since September 11, and my eyes drifted to an old photo of me at
the other extreme:  the "affected", existential look of me with my
guitar singing under THE bare light bulb.  I mentioned I was an artist
but for the past four years my being deaf has influenced my paint.  I
was so accustomed to painting to music, allowing
that joy to glow through the translucency that painting without  it had
become just a chore.  Then an LA Times reporter did a story on late
deafness like mine that read like it was written about me so I e-mailed
her.  She connected me to a lovely gent who has hammered away at me to
get a cochlear implant, a CI.
     His how-to emails have been frequent, and pushy when they need to
be, opening the doors for me to restore some hearing .  (Money  is all
that's causing any delay.)  Your emails seem to arrive at encouraging
plateaus in this quest.
He and others though say music is so unlike music through the CI
processor it's a great disappointment.  Well, maybe I wasn't supposed to
get one before but yesterday he took me to his CI support group where
they also showed us the newest and latest devices and now the attachment
makes music sound (almost) like music.
     That's the good news and there is no bad.  There IS a battle to get
this project going and dealing with the "govmunt" takes more energy than
I knew I had.
Now the image I se in my imagination is somewhere down the line and
instead of a bare light bulb stage I see me under my skylight loading up
the canvas with beautiful colors and faces with headphones on ,
listening and dancing to tunes.
      When you e-mailed last it was a couple days before that my first
and only grandbaby wound up her ten day visit to meet me.  What an
absolute joy.
Remember her name is Elanor Sylvie.  YES, there are surely more of us
who want you to issue a new edition of Sylvie Sunflower!
      When you can tell me more about you and the reason you sign off
with "aloha".   I hope I find you well today, better yet, happy!


Aloha from Okinawa!

how you doin' alicia? mahalo to beautifull card. I love that painting. so
lovely. I fix about next january plan. my friend yuko reserve memorial service at
hilo hongwanji .27th,jan . could you come and sing?
harmonium player of amana can go there. african insturments player can't
go. if you know jembe player,please say come and join us! off corce everybady
wellcome. wish ....could you make flayer of this ceremony&concert if you
like. monk of hongwanji adviced for friend yuko who lived hilo make
copy and distribute.
maybe I will arrive big island. stay there about 1month.see you soon!!
mahalo nui roa!

Sachiho Kudomi

Beautiful Sachiho!

I am so happy you will be here in January! Yes, I will be happy to sing at
Donto's memorial service.  I will also make a flier for you.  Maybe I can
find a djembe player, too.  I will ask people.  What I need to know for the
flier is the time of the ceremony.  I will call Hilo Honwanji and find out
their address.

I will tell Tracy that you liked her card!

Aloha pumehana, (warmest regards)


beloved alicia
sounds great! today is new moon,something start. now i am so plenty feelings
of quiet joy. tonight i have medetation circle for new moon.everybady sing <aum> together.
flier information is
memorial ceremony&concert for super star donto!
date:    27.jan.2002 (sun)
time:  pm 3:00~5:00
live: amana from okinawa,(please discribe about us in engrish).they play
indian music,okinawan music, mix up music......
alicia bay laurel (please discribe too.....anyway beautifull person!!)
and  hawaiian friends!!
place:honpa hongwanji hilo betsuin
      398  kilauea ave.hilo,hawaii
*free!  *please take your percussion&ukulele! join together!!
<about donto>japanese singer,songwriter,rockn roller.messenger. he leaves his
boday in big island,27.jan.2000. suddenly he fall down at volcano when just
finished  hula for dedicate to pele at 22.jan.2000.

please rewrite strange engrish is broken...and can i tell your
adoress to my friend yuko? she is good person. dead heads.she live in hilo
with 3 beautifull children.
mahalo!! send big big love&respect!

Wonderful Sachiho~

Good, I will make your flier.  That is an amazing story about Donto. A
worshipper of the goddess!

I would be happy to meet Yuko!    Best time to call is afternoon or evening.

I wish I was there to aum with you and your friends on the new moon.  I will
aum with the big and little frogs in the rainforest!

Love and blessings,


(Bassist/ethnic instrumentalist/songwriter/vocalist Sachiho Kudomi is returning to the Big
Island, where her husband, rock and roll singer/guitarist Donto, died nearly two years ago.
We became friends through Seawest Studios, here on the Big Island, where we both
recently recorded CDs.--ABL)


I just finally had both
the time and computer access to read thru your book
tour journals.How wonderful, fun and inspiring. Nice
to know there are good, creative, sweet people
everywhere.Nice to know women like yourself are being
able to live out their dreams and live out their
passions..and make a living! How lucky you got to meet
Julette de Barclay Levy, I did not even know she was
still around, her little book was my guide after the
birth of my son in 1971 and I also have had many
animal friends which I doctored by using her advice
(many moons ago.)I remember Rosemary from the Russian
River as well. It was fun to see Packers  Corner and
Verandah too, as real entities, since I own that book
and have read it numerous times!I hope her daughter is
OK.I loved seeing the inside of Bill Wheeler's house, with
that furniture...what a trip!And you look lovely as
well. Love your fashion sense...alot of fun, I still
believe in making fashion statements, it's unfair it
should be left only to teenagers.Clothes are one of my
weaknesses; luckily I have a great eye and can find
the best stuff at thrift stores and sale racks.

Love, Jodi
(Jodi Mitchell is a writer and alumna of Wheeler Ranch.)

Hi Alicia,
I write to you from my home in Australia. Once, about eight years ago,
I found a copy of
Being Of The Sun in a little market near my house. I took it home
and it helped me realise a part of a vision, or mood, or reality - don't know what to
call it - that the heart of my soul had been sorely seeking.

But this morning I visited  Alicia's beautifully constructed site,  and her
use of frames is wonderful. What she wrote in her last letter to us was  perfectly expressed and very
meaningful to me.  She is an inspiring Goddess and I am looking forward to getting her  new
CDROM, "Living On The Road: Bohemia At the Millennium" as well as her CD, Music from
Living on the Earth.   

Nicole Savage

(posted on the Hippie Museum newsletter in response to a piece I posted last night. Museum
Director Neill Kramer had asked in a post:

What did the hippies believe in? What is the freedom that hippies tried to achieve? What
was it about society at that time that made hippies and their ideals a reality? What kind
of reality was it?

I responded:

I am reading two wonderful books about Mayan village life and spirituality, Secrets of the Talking Jaguar and
Long Life, Honey In the Heart, by Martin Prechtel (both Tarcher/Putnam).  He speaks with anguish about
mainstream American culture--the real and media violence, the atom bomb, the wars for material gain, the
dog-eat-dog materialist rat race, the alienation of individuals from one another, the spiritual emptiness, the
crushing of indigenous cultures within the States and abroad.  This is the matrix that gave birth to the hippie
movement.  We (mostly urban middle class kids) did not know exactly what we were searching for, but we
could easily see what we didn't want.  In reading Prechtel's description of tribal life, I see much of the ancient
human community pattern that was calling to many of us from within our deepest souls. 

We wanted intimacy--not a neighborhood where you didn't know anyone on the block, or you competed, kept
up with the Joneses.  A hunter-gatherer or early agricultural community meant that people lived, worked and
sought deeper contact with the holy spirit as a group, and they all knew one another, from cradle to grave. 
I used to call my hippie friendships "a horizontal extended family," as opposed to the ancient tribal extended
family, which was multi-generational, and therefore, vertical.

We wanted a culture which acknowledged the human body, not just for sex, but to hug each other, to be
naked without shame, to revere the body with natural foods, beneficial exercise, herbs, baths, massage,
deep understanding.  This was not part of the culture from which we came. 

We wanted a culture that thrived on gift-giving.  We hitchhiked, shared our food and drugs, gave away our
possessions.  People who could afford to buy land invited others who could not to live there.  We opened
free stores, free clinics, free kitchens, not just in the Haight, but everywhere we went.   We wanted be living
proof that God was taking care of us and therefore there was no need to hoard.  

We wanted to live without the constraints of time.  We wanted to wake up each day and decide what would
be the most fun to do that day--or just find out as it went along.  We wanted to go with the flow, follow our bliss,
be here now. This was in complete opposition to the culture from which we came.

We wanted new ways to value one another, rather than by wealth, status, looks, achievements, machismo,
as our culture of origin had taught us, and continues to teach us through the media. We wanted to value one
another for being lovable and real.  We valued spiritual depth, which we referred to as "heavy."  We admired
one another for being happy.  We admired those who offered selfless service or peaceful resolution of conflict.

We wanted a spirituality that actually caused you to grow as a person, not one inwhich people attended
religious gatherings for social status.  We wanted to be guided by our own Inner Spirits, rather than by priests. 
We thirsted for the spiritual awareness and grace we experienced on psychedelics, without psychedelics, or
in addition to them.  Many hippies would spent their last cent on a weekend workshop that promised to "change
your life forever."  That was how so many gurus found followers in those days.

We wanted live in harmony with the earth, the plants and animals, the indigenous peoples of the earth, with
each other, with ourselves.  We were the fuel behind the rapid expansion of the environmental movement. 
We experimented with living arrangements that we thought would harmonize with nature.  We sought out
indigenous tribal elders as our teachers.

We wanted to make with our hands the things we wore and used, grow our food and medicine, feel all kinds
of weather--all the experiences our modern urban lives had excluded in the name of convenience and comfort. 
We wanted to live on the road, have adventures, build things that hadn't been built before, and live in them.  

We wanted to live our mythic selves, give ourselves names that resonated with our souls, dress in costumes
that expressed our dreams, do daring deeds, dance as if no one was looking, decorate our homes with
magical things, listen to music that took us out of ordinary reality into altered states of awareness.

We wanted to see life without violence. We wanted media that contained truth.  Some of us risked our lives
to find out what the government was doing and let the underground press know.  We wanted to talk about
things in print that we were not allowed to discuss in our culture of origin.

We wanted to live without stupid, arbitrary rules, either for ourselves or for our children.  Some of our children,
as adults today, say they wish we had been more protective of them, or offered more structure.  We only
knew what we endured, being as culturally different from our culture of origin as Chinese are from Italians,
and punished for it, and wished to spare our children these experiences. However, some portion of kids raised
by hippie parents grew up to be hippies themselves.  At that point, one can say, a new culture was born
and continues. 

This piece isn't intended to be a definition of who we all were, but what we aspired to be, and why.  I could write
an equally long piece on what we did that didn't measure up (plenty), but it's not really my style.  Suffice to say
that the folks who were opportunistic and angry in the mainstream culture found ample space to continue in the
hip community.  Taking psychedelics does not necessarily cure neurosis!  Sometimes people got WORSE!  

But, overall, the culture we are hoping to document in the Hippie Musuem was nothing short of miraculous
in view of the culture from which it came, and it was, and is, vastly influential to every aspect of the mainstream
culture (language, diet, health care, social customs, fashion, philosophy, art, music, etc.)  As I continue to
point out, the scientific analysis was published last year in the book The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million
People are Changing the World
, by Drs. Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson (Crown Books/Random House, 2000). 
The world view once espoused only by hippies is now that of one quarter of the population of the USA.



  beloved alicia

we (amana)are talkin about hawaii everyday. we are very happy to go & play there.
hongwanji temple have only one mic. we can so simply concert only. and time is
about 1hour. i think we are verry happy if we play one more anothr place especially pahoa.i
like pahoa. could you ask your friend rainbow? if we can do it ,it is special party.

yesterday i talked  with woman who have natural foods restaurant in tokyo.
this restaurant name is alicia. she loves you still 20 years and more. i send
her your cd. she can sale your cd on her shop.

and i offer interview for you if you like. japanese magazine<latina> publish
about special parson who lived hawaii. this magazine is not so large.about
world music. they introduce your cd for japanese listener.

mahalo nui loa!

Sachiho Kudomi


Dear Alicia,

I think your piece is great! I Love your words. You have such a "bringing it all back home" feel
to your writings. You also have a very special gift of making people feel connected , and of bringing
out the creative flow in others. You're quite the Hippie Lady, yes you are, and I'm sure your writings
in Hippie Museum will be a Joy and Enlightenment to many.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Love, Char ~*  


Sweet Alicia,

What a strange and wonderous feeling to sit here, in a frosty northern
forest listening to your sunny, honey Hawaiian songs ! The black giant snake
of winter wind is slithing between the cedars and pines around here. And on
top of that, your voice emanating as one with the sea, the mountains and
rivers of your islands. Amazing.
Today for the first time in several decades i spent several hours speaking
with a young American woman who came to visit. She studied Indian (India)
culture at Berkeley. But because she was young enough to be my daughter,
talk about the old days around Berkeley, etc didn't ring a bell with her.
Nevertheless, she was impressed and moved by our animal care and activities.
As you see your CD and Being Of The Sun arrived several days ago. We don't
deserve the wonderful dedication you inscribed. And it reminded me once
again of the honour and pleasure we had to guide and host you here. i do it
gladly again. Because the winter is coming on and the nights grow longer
your book will provide me hours and days of happiness.
We didn't hear from you in a while and we were beginning to worry, but your
message concerning our sacred Paha-Sahpa (Black Hills) told to us that you
are OK and that is the most important thing for us. No. The Black Hills is
not for sale !
Please do take care. i think of you often.