Dear Alicia,

I've checked out the Lost Valley page on your website, and am really impressed--others are too. Thanks!

Oh, I really like your CD too--well done--very nice! Maybe we can learn a few of those songs for our morning circles. In any case, I expect it will be well-listened-to in the kitchen.

Take care and thanks for visiting and sharing!

Love, Chris

Chris Roth, Editor
Talking Leaves Magazine
Lost Valley Educational Center
Dexter, Oregon

  your site is loverly. I like the movement..... very nice...
did you do that? or someone did it for you.....

"Road Tech 101

"I apologize for the rather dry content of this particular page; ..."

not dry at all to me.   delicious data.

"Living out of Suitcases...

 "If you are a Taurus,..."

honey.... that's right we're both Tauruses....

"...The biggest challenge is remembering where a specific thing is, and not to
space anything out when I change crash location. I acquired six suitcases,
each a different color, all with wheels and pull-out handles. They have
names by now: "The Tool Shed", "The Steamer Trunk", "The Costume
Department", "The File Cabinet" and "Supplies, Supplies!" I tried to put
things of like use together and inventoried each bag.

"The coolest item I bought for the tour is an inflatable bed that travels in
a small duffle bag. I never have to wonder whether I have a comfortable bed
anywhere I go..."

all of this, excellent info for when I take off in my car around europe....
"The Full Circle Temple in Portland..."

love this page .... just love it.
they are living the dream.
I would love to relax there for a week...!

where you go play in deep space....
love you darlin
keep in touch

Warmest regards,
Constance Demby
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Symphonic Sacredspace Music

Sound Currents 
2461 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 434
Santa Monica, CA 90404
310 712 5469 vm

  Email from Mari Kono

Hello friends, kids, barnyard animals...

Just in case you will be visiting the Burning Man festival this year,
consider visiting us at the Burning Anus. What is the Burning Anus?
Read on...

For Immediate Release
July 27 2000

Contact Information:
David Normal
artist/project director
(707) 933 - 9507 (studio),(707) 246 - 8310 (cell phone)
email: project website:

World's Largest Anus to be Entry Portal to Burning Man

SAN FRANCISCO - "The Giant Anus" shall be the triumphal arch and
entryway to "The Body," the gargantuan conceptual centerpiece of this
summer's Burning Man Festival at Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Perhaps one of the most outrageously ribald sculptures in history, the
Giant Anus is a nearly three story tall interactive art installation of
that most disreputable of body parts. It is a throbbing, pulsing,
living playground for the sensually depraved.

• 12' diameter sphincter with pneumatically inflating and deflating
rectal tissue.

• Sits on an 8' tall "Sphincter Control Room" with two mighty
squatting legs.

• Lights its own farts with five bombastic propane torches crowning
its obscene arc.

• A turd staircase leads up to the grand orifice and a slide exits it.

• Stage atop the Control Room features live performances and
interactive electronic sound system.

• Engineered by Gluteus Maximus to be burned, and thus endowed with a
formidable pyrotechnic arsenal.

"The Secrets of Uranus" - Climactic Destruction of the Giant Anus

“The Secrets of Uranus” is a Broadway-style multi-media musical
satirizing the creation of the material universe. Performed live at the

Giant Anus - the BIGGEST asshole in history!!!

• Written & directed by David Normal.

• Donald the Nut as "God"

• Fred Rinne as "Sigmund Freud"

• anonymous Bosch as "Mephistopheles"

• A chorus line of beautiful "Turd Angels" doing Busby Berkeley style
dance numbers with luminous golden turds.

• Musical Accompaniment by virtuoso experimental rock ensemble,

• "God's Dream" original animation by Mari Kono.

• Lighting & Special Effects by Streamline Productions.

• A grand pyrotechnic finale as the Anus explodes and burns!!!

  Dear Alicia

Thank you so much for coming to our store on July 21.  I'm sorry we were
unable to get you a better turnout, however, as we discussed perhaps our
store may not have been the best venue to appreciate your work.  However,
it was a true pleasure to meet and discuss your work with you.  It was a
great treat.

I wish you much success in your ongoing tour and in all your future work.


Maria Muscarella
Community Relations Coordinator
Barnes & Noble
Vancouver, Washington
  thinking of you alicia......
it was SO great to  not only meet you, but hang out  with you and learn
you are as great as I had envisioned you at 8 when I recieved your book!
just as your trip is witness to the fact that people really are doing
great, positive things, you are proof that people really do walk the
talk... *smile........
again, it was truly great to meet you and I hope we can keep in touch
B I G love to you sister,

Full Circle Temple

     I enjoyed meeting you after all these years, and was enthralled by your
story-telling and musical performance at Phoenix Rising here in Port
Townsend.  My friend was sick and we had to leave your second presentation
before it was over, but we enjoyed your show.  You are certainly a
professional with true integrity - to give such a full performance
regardless of the numbers in the audience.  You seemed to embody the belief
that if one's creativity touches even one person on a soul level it has been

   I look forward to your posting the lyrics from your CD on your website. 
As I mentioned to you, I'd love to introduce some of your songs to the
singalong circles I participate in.  Imagine your songs eventually spreading
by word-of-mouth all over the country (perhaps even the world)!  If you also
included guitar chords that would be helpful too. Whenever you find the time
and energy to accomplish this I want you to know it will be much

   Are you familiar with the songbook "Rise Up Singing"?  It's a popular
book for use at such singalongs that includes a great variety of over a
thousand song lyrics, old and more recent.  I don't know whether they're
taking new submissions, nor do I know whether you'd be interested in
submitting, but I know some of your compositions would fit in well and be a
useful addition to the collection. "Rise Up Singing" is compiled by Peter
Blood and Annie Patterson of Glens Mills, Pennsylvania.  The publisher is
Sing Out!, PO Box 5253, Bethlehem, PA 18015-0253  phone:(610)865-5366.

   Yesterday morning as I walked my two dogs in the meadow below my trailer,
a hawk descended from the high blue sky and hovered above me, circling over
me very slowly and looking me in the eye.  I had just been ruminating upon
the idea that human beings who respect and love the earth may be approaching
a critical mass at an exponential rate - a newly encouraging thought to me
(especially in light of the hundredth monkey phenomenon), since I've
recently emerged from the dark well of a violent marriage, profound losses,
and clinical depression. I understand that the appearance of a hawk may
signify a time to trust and follow divine signs life puts before us.

   I did some writing I needed to do (I write for a holistically oriented
equine publication called COMPANION HORSE), then went for a walk downtown. 
I felt drawn to the block the bookstore was on, then saw the sign for your
book signing and talk on the door. I looked at my watch and noticed it was
exactly time for your first presentation. I guess I literally followed one
of life's signs then!

Thank you for sharing your life with us and for doing the best you can in
so many ways, especially creatively!  I hope you have a good stay in Port
Townsend and a delightful rest of your tour.

Olivia Greene
  Dearest Alicia--

There is no way I could ever thank you enough for what your life and work have meant to me--validation, inspiration, hope,
a model of empowerment and the way of being empowered--back in the '70's and now. I love what you are doing and I love you!!!

With infinite love and blessings,
Flora Rose
Calligrapher, artist, flute player, gardener, permaculturist, designer and builder of her own cabin, homesteader, activist for Mother Earth, and caretaker of sacred springs.

  Alicia! Tony and I pulled out our tattered copy of Living on the Earth..we
were looking for ways to tempura squash blossoms so abundant now in the
garden. We dreamily fell into that world and wondered where you could blessed we are to reconnect! Our daughter, Janna, lives in
Bellingham..we hope she meets you on Aug.8th at Village Books! Til then,
please know that we see you as radiant as ever. You remain one of our most
cherished memories. Jane
ps    Alicia, could it really be you, 30 yrs. later?  Do you remember the
big chopping block we had in the big house? Jane and I still use it. It
really has some stories, and you're in them.  We'd love to connect.
Tony Tuck

  I am loving the journal! The travels are wonderful! The stories and people
are so beautiful. I especially love the Full Circle Temple. I am so inspired
and my creative energy seems to flow alot smoother and consistently after
reading another days journal entry. Bless you on your sacred journey. Thanks
for sharing it all!
  Hello Alicia!

I just want to say that what you are doing right now is so cool!!!  I
just found your website and have been having so much fun and am so
inspired by reading your journal entries throughout your travels.  Thank
you so much for sharing the beautiful stories and photos about your
encounters with these wonderful souls.  I am so inspired by your journey
and the people you are meeting.  Reading about them is helping me to
stay committed to my ideals and dreams as I see others living theirs.

I am also so excited that I may meet you in person next week at the
Women's Herbal Conference in New Hampshire!!  I was thrilled to see you
listed in the program.  Since you aren't coming close to where I live
(Maryland) on your tour, I'm so happy to have this opportunity to see
you, and hear your music (which I love from what I've heard on your
site).  I'll be bringing along my 1971 edition of Living on the Earth to
perhaps have you sign.  Blessings to you on your journey, and many many
thanks for sharing with us in such a beautiful way,

Andrea Koutras Lay
  Hi Alicia,

Just checking-in to say Hi and let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you.
I've been enjoying your wonderful web site travel photos also. Please let me
know when you come through here again. Would love to make dinner for you.
King and Joan also say Hi.

Have a good rest of the trip. Drive careful.

Loving thoughts,
Larry Sheehy

Hope you and Bernie are well on the road, and enjoying the trip.  I really
enjoyed both your visit to our house, and hearing your "show" up at
Chapters. I am sorry it was so poorly attended. I do not think that they
did any publicity at all.  If you decide to do another tour next summer, I
can recommend some other publicity options up in the city.  Even a free
show at the library would have been busier than that!  You were great
however, as I expect you are at every stop.

I showed George your webpages of your visit here.  We both got a good
laugh; "our 15 minutes of fame".  I am amazed at how good everything looks
on the web. 

Thanks- hope you are both doing ok. I'll check in on your page and see!

love, Rose

Hi Wonder-wandering woman!

So glad you got to meet my friends Serene and Dudley in
Bellingham.  Serene organized a nice workshop for me up there
and I stayed in her tower room.   Also grateful to have pictures
of Mela's outrageous home.   After I visited her, on your recommen-
dation, I tried to describe that magical place to Richard and others
but fell far short.   Lucky you to stay in the White Goddess room.
I drooled over that!

So where are you now.  A week has gone by without a dose
of AliciaBayLaurel does the US.   What did you think of Al gore's
speech and the whole political deal now (in a nutshell).

Hope to hear from you soon.  You light up my screen.

Love and Happy Trails,       Sophia
I think it is fabulous that you have persued such a creative life. Somehow,
someway, I stumbled across your website and it gave me so much inspiration.
I'm a woman who feels like I am unable to do it all, but I want to so bad,
but girl look at you! :) What a full rich life you lead. I'd love for you to
come out this way (NC, SC, GA). I'll keep an eye out. Keep up the energy! How
do you do it?
I was so looking forward to spending some time with you in Rapid City on
8/17.  Sorry it didn't work out.

It was serendipity that I picked up a flyer that was floating around at
Women's Connection ... it was meant for me and meant to be, I'm sure!

I have your book from the 70's.  I was a teen.  I dug it out from my
bookshelf and brought it to the store.  Was disappointed to find your book
signing had been cancelled.  Hope you had a nice time in the neighborhood,
anyway.  I hadn't heard of Twiggs, but stopped by and met Denise today,
bought the 30th Ann. edition, visited and got acquainted.

Hope you can visit this way again sometime.  Now I have TWO books to get

Kathy Paulsen
Recently I pulled my copy of Home Comfort off the shelf, dusted it off, and
decided to read it again, believing that I had in fact, read it before. 
Interesting that it seems now that the only parts I had read were about
baking and cheese making!  So I am reading it again , for the first time.  I
had no idea you were involved in Total Loss Farm.  I had met you before, as
readers do, in Living on the Earth.  It was a book that had been quite
influential in my life, so influential that I belive I must have loaned it to
someone, probably hoping to inspire in them some of what i believed I had
been inspired with.  Haven't seen it in awhile.  Do have Moosewood Cookbook;
have worn out the page with the Spinach Cheese casserole on it, and you did
teach me to roll burrittos and eggrolls i believe. 

Do you actually read these letters?  I should hope that it is special to you
to know that what you have written has influenced folks.   I'm real glad you
got published.
I picked up Home Comfort, partly because we are embarking on some communal
living around here again and it seemed appropriate.  Way different situation,
but some of the ideals are the same.  Do you have any idea where any of those
people are anymore?  Or how they are living on the earth?  All this makes me
want to use my trusty pc to try to locate my old communal families.  Please
'scuse the ramblings, yours was the email address that I found.  Did you
illustrate the Festivals for the New Age or something like that that I have
around here somewhere?

Hi Alicia- hope your odyssey is going well. I'll check in on your website
tonite and see what you've posted.

I listened to your CD the other nite while I was doing some creative quilt
designing (a sample for a class this fall) and really enjoyed it.  I liked
recognizing the tunes from the Chapters presentation, and just thought the
whole thing so well done.  The last choral piece is wonderful, I'm glad you
thought to include it.  How amazing this whole passage of your life has
turned out to be.  Quite the "Life is Art and Art is Life" thing.

All the very best to you, always-  Rose (and George, who is baking bread)

Hi Alicia:
Loved reading your northwest visits in August! Lovely people, beautiful
area, and the photos are terrific! Local chambers of commerce ought to
support your reports! Or at least the publication of 'Living On The


Ramon and Judy Sender