Hi Alicia,

Hope this end-of-the-tour event runs smoothly for you on Saturday night. We
have just returned from Maui ourselves after being there for two weeks
working at a Basketball Tournament over in Lahaina.  I checked into your
site to see how things were going and saw that you'd done yet another
marathon drive through the Southwest- one of my most favorite places on the
planet. Hope it was a good experience for you there.

Sending much love your way. We were so happy to get home to our house and
our lonely cat. Cold outside but beautiful.  All the best to you and yours-

Aloha, Rose and Arrow

  Aloha Alicia: The look on your face at the Kona Borders bookstore Nov. 24th when we shook hands again after 30 years,  told me that you couldn't place our names or faces. Very understandable. We were not main players, but rather on the edges of a lot of things. in 69' we had the dome down on Salmon Creek where it meets the ocean past Bodega Bay. Joan, who was an early Wheelerite, and I and the kids were frequent visitors to Star mountain - I was the carpenter who built Moses' first abode there with Tall Tom & Slippery Elm. I also played conga behind you and Stevie in a few Russian River dives..." You can't stop the wheels of change.." My favorite was " I just want to testify to what your love has done for me..." We moved to Maui in 70' and were part of the Vineyard Tavern milue with Gaylord, Ward Taylor, Charlie (of violin fame), and eventually the Gospel Truth Choir. "Duffy" AKA Delefield Cribben, was a crime partner of mine, and Lou Gottlieb visited with us in Volcano when the Limelighters made a pass thru the islands. Maybe these images will help revitalize the memory bank. It was so very warming to see you and hear that clear sweet voice again. The years vanished, and we were all younger and thankfully not wiser. I started thinking of bumper stickers: Old hippys never die, they just rollem' smaller - Old hippies didn't fade away, they just waited till their kids grew up to start doin' it again -   I loved your idea of a signing tour/ touch old friends journey... Should make another great book. We sail between the islands occasionally and will let you know when we next drop anchor off Maui... All our Love and Aloha, Sam & Joan

I've kept meaning to let everyone know that I'll be performing with
my old group of composer friends -- and also my son Jonny Sender,
the fabulous DJ/composer/musician -- at the L. A. Country Museum's
Monday Evening Concerts series on Dec 11th at 8 PM.

Please come if it's convenient!

You'll hear a program of our pieces from the early Sixties plus some
new ones. Hm, where the program, hm...

A retrospective concert of [from?] the S,F. Tape Music Center
performed by
Co-founders: Morton Subotnick and  Ramon Sender
Executive Director at Mills College:  Pauline Oliveros
Visual Composer, Visual Director at Mills College: Tony Martin
Technical Engineer : William Maginnis

Guest DJ: Jonny Sender


Performers for this evening's concert
Tony Martin
Pauline Oliveros
Ramon Sender
Jonny Sender
Morton Subotnick

Sound:  William Maginnis

- --------------------------------------------------------------

Mandolin (1964)  by  Morton Subotnick
For two-track prerecorded tape; Tony Martin, visual composition

Bye Bye Butterfly (1965)                         by Pauline Oliveros
For two-track prerecorded tape; Tony Martin, visual composition

Desert Ambulance (1964) by Ramon Sender
for accordion, monaural prerecorded tape, film and projections
Pauline Oliveros, accordion; Tony Martin, visual composition


"Who you are looking for is who is looking"  (1992)
A video and sound work composed by Tony

Audition for Three Small Harps in Mode 28 (1981): a re-mix   by Ramon
Performers: DJ Jonny Sender on sampler and turntables; the composer on
dilruba harp

Pauline's Solo (first performance)                by Pauline Oliveros
Composer on accordion and electronics

Gestures                                              by Morton
graphics, Steven Subotnick
Story, Melody Sumner Carnahan
voice, Joan La Barbara

composer performs at the computer live

Live Improvisation
Performers:  Pauline Oliveros, Ramon Sender, Morton Subotnick

  Hiya Alicia:

Guess what?  I finished reading Iris' book [Scrapbook of a Taos Hippie by Iris Keltz]
& called her this morning to tell her what a superb job I think she did.  We talked for over an hour. 
She was glad I called because Alfred tells her he gets calls about the book from all
over but she says she gets very little feedback and NO calls from people she
hasn't met.  We figured out that we must have seen each other at some point
but didn't have a personal conversation.  We would have remembered it.  The
book is incredible!  I know or know of practically every single person in it.
 Three of the people in it are my oldest & dearest friends (Joanne, Klea &
David).  She says they're going to do a second printing & she wants to update
it a little, so I'll send her some stuff (my daughter Psyche did some writing
for the Tiger's Roar - the Taos HS paper about what it was like to be a
hippie kid & that's the kind of stuff she wants).

She said her visit with you was great - like being home with her own people
again.  You have that effect on people, gal! 

I'm gonna do a review of the book on Amazon.com even tho a couple other
people beat me to it.  Doesn't matter.  I'd do one of yours too, but there
are already several & they're pretty good I think, whereas there are too many
things left unsaid about Iris' book.  Enjoying listening to your CD.  What a
voice!  Take care of yourself, ya hear?


Pam Hanna

P.S. Just noticed that you did a little review of Iris' book.  I gave you a "yes" vote. 
Also, went back & looked at the reviews of your book & I think they're all
quite good, especially the one by the kid who said it made her a better
person to read it.  Can't get any higher praise than that!    More later ~ Pam

  hi again Alicia!

i will literally be thrilled when i open up my mailbox and see that CD inside. i
completely admire your talent and the way in which you've conducted your life.
and, well, i hope my write-up/review will help a whole lot of others find out
about the music portion of your life.

the entire All-Music Guide database is online at www.allmusic.com, but it is so
much more than that. i'm not even sure how i lucked into writing for them since
i was a fan way before any of this professional writing stuff transacted.
anyway, AMG originally began putting out big thick print guides (i think the
first edition, the one i endlessly thumbed through as a teenager and from which
i received my initial musical education, came out in the early 1990s) that you
could and can find in almost any bookstore. now there are even separate guides
for jazz, country, folk, blues, etc. it is generally considered the premier
storehouse of musical data. but enough of that...

how is the book tour going? i had a little spare time the other day and i was
glancing around at some of the letters you've received the past couple of
months, and you really have some loyal fans! your book seems even more popular
today than when you originally released it, too. that's wonderful, on both
counts. i will definitely be taking a hike through the rest of your site when
time permits.

okay, i should leave you alone for now, but i hope you don't mind if i keep in
touch in the future, and see how everything is going. and, well, i'm looking
forward to seeing the CDs of hawaiian and jazz/blues, songs, respectively, come
out. i have to hit the road, and it is something like single-digit degrees out.
i don't suppose you ever have to deal with that on the island. best wishes, and
happy holidays!

                                            stanton swihart
  Wonderful Alicia,
Congratulations on publishing the revised edition of Living on the Earth! 
It fills me with such joy to see that familiar cover out and on book
shelves.  While I am only 22 years old, I have grown up with the first
edition of your book- using it as a guide for rainy day projects for myself
and my younger sister.  The book was my mother's, and I just loved that she
had such a progressive, fun and useful book.  It gave me ideas for projects
that have since turned into fond memories of candle-making, sewing and
cooking.  I was also wondering if you had any advice about publishing
written works, as I a have actively been writing poetry and short stories
for a few years.  I love writing and drawing and will continue to do it all
my life, but I want to spread my ideas and thoughts.  I am grateful for this
opportunity to write to you.  Thank you for your art and inspiration,
Sage LaCroix
  aloha Alicia! hope all is well with you. i can hazard a guess that you aren't
getting all the snow that we are right now, but snow is a good thing, as far as
i'm concerned, unless you have to drive in it. anyway, i just wanted to make
sure you knew that _Music from Living on the Earth_ has arrived in my box. thank
you again for sending it & i really am looking forward to writing about it. i've
listened to the record a couple times already & it is truly wonderful, truly
refreshing and pure. the fingerpicking on "Chard & Chives" is fabulous (in fact,
the guitar playing throughout is expert), and "Hang Out & Breathe" and "Mandala"
are already favorites, but the whole is lovely. it reminds me a little bit of
Peter Coyote's similar recording of former commune songs, about which i also was
also lucky enough to write. i must say, the 40 voice "In the Morning" is
transcendent. i think you may have a gospel-ish type album in you. are you
holding out any more songs from this period? (perhaps a Vol. 2?) a fellow can
hold out hope, right? regardless, i DO hope i have the privilege of writing
about your upcoming albums when they are finished as well. anyway, i just wanted
to make sure you knew the CD was here & already being devoured. on that note, i
will let you go for the moment. how do you say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian? good
karma & health,


(Stanton Swihard reviews CDs for an on-line magazine at www.allmusic.com)
  Hi Alicia!
  I hope you have recovered from your book tour.  I
read bits and pieces of your travel diary up to the
point you decided doing it and touring were too much
to do at the same time.  Smart move.
Best wishes for happy happy holidays and a properous
new year!

(David Hatch lives at Wheeler Ranch, where I wrote Living On The Earth)
  hi darlin.... so good to hear from you.
is your tour still going?
I loved reading the reports on the site.
just wonderful for us all.
I'll send you under separate cover some writing I did about landing
here in Espagne.

Constance Demby (currently based in Barcelona!)
  Kim Cooper, editrix of Scram, the first 'zine to be picked up by Hearst, advised her readers as follows:
  • Alicia Bay Laurel was the darling of the hippie scene when her "Living on the Earth" was called the best book in the "Whole Earth Catalog." She's currently touring the US in support of the 30th Anniversary Edition, keeping a delightful photo-illustrated tour diary that will become her next book, a report on bohemia at the end of the century. Go out and see this hilarious and inspiring woman tell stories and play songs, and stick around for the Q+A. You might find your pic on her website the next day.
  •   Thank you, I didn't expect to hear from you. Since I have just published my first book, I'm taking to heart your comments. I had been playing
    with the idea of a book tour, but it sounds like the money might be better spent in magazine advertising.

    I bought a copy of your book because I saw the review Skip had done for you on the 'hippyland' website. He's promised to review my book as well.
    It is through his link to your website that I have been following yourtour and enjoying the journey. I found it to be inspiring and filled
    with light. I've been thinking about you question of charging for the tour. I don't know how much traffic your site is getting and I know you
    have products you are selling as well but I don't get a feeling that the tour would bring in that much income. Is there a possibility of joining
    some of the New Age conventions, as a speaker? I believe there would be an audience for you. I would pay to hear you speak about your experience
    that lead to the writing of the book and what it's done for your life.But these are only my ideas and I'm about to find out for myself.

    My book site is: http://themessenger.hipplanet.com/#David

    By best always
    David Echt

    Alicia Bay Laurel wrote:

    I also have been interested in appearing at New Age conventions, and I guess I better get busy sending out press kits if I want to get these bookings!
    The story of my experiences surrounding the book are the meat of the show I took on tour, and which evolved into a one woman one act comedy with
    original music called Living On The Earth--The Musical.  I want to take it into theatres and other paying venues where I can present to an audience of
    Cultural Creatives (that's the new term for the Bohemian multigenerational population).  I'm also working on a couple of new CDs and hoping to finish
    the book about the tour.  I guess I'm a bit of a workaholic.  Now, if I can just get someone to pay me for all this!

    Thank you for writing and sharing.  I will check out your book site!



    Dear Alicia,

    It all sounds wonderful. If you book it they will come.

    Please keep me on your mailing list for any future tours and events.

    David Echt

      " Rain falling down, how the drops fill the air..." We have had the most
    gorgeous rainy, cold day today. Perfect for incense, music, and painting! An
    absolute blissful, peaceful day. I listened to your cd while I painted
    today...I don't ever get tired of it. Thank you for making it! REALLY! 
    It is really a beautiful piece of artwork, Alicia.

    Everything is so perfect. I listened to it again ,several times today (when I
    finally got dressed and began to work on my paintings again) and it just
    frees me. Cheryl and I both just love it more and more, everytime we play it.
    You probably hear it all the time, but....your voice is truly beautiful and
    you play the guitar with incredible style. you are blessed.
    I can't wait to hear your new Hawaiin cd,(when it is available). Now you are
    only a few weeks away. Very cool.      

    Your art prints are beautiful. We have Zephyr hanging over our bed.
     She watches over Ralph's side of the bed. And I have ' An
    Awakening ' where I see it first and last thing each day/night. It inspires
    me and I love it so much. I've been tripping out my little space a little
    more all the time. It makes for beautiful dreams ( sleeping and awake).

    Love, love, love


    Dear ABL:

    It's been so nice seeing you re-emerged in the public light this year, and the new edition of the book really ROCKS!

    Keep it up, and have a great time in Year One!


    Ray Mungo