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Alicia's Story and Song Shows

Alicia Bay Laurel onstage at Java Joe's, Ocean Beach, California, March 16, 2002

Alicia Bay Laurel's one-woman storytelling/comedy/singing/guitar-picking shows entertain while offering rich historic and cultural insights and inspiring the artist in each of us to persevere.

Each of the two shows is autobiographical, each focusing on one of her works. Her first piece, Living On The Earth: The Musical, tells how she came to create the bestselling Living On The Earth at age 19, what happened after, and how the book came to be published again 30 years later. The story careens between bohemian communites, including Big Sur, the Diggers, the Merry Pranksters, the Haight Ashbury, Gate Five Sausalito, Wheeler Ranch Commune, The Whole Earth Catalog, the Liberation News Service, and Maui in the 1970's, and collides head-on with the world of Big Publishing. She illustrates each section of the story with an original song composed during the period of the story. The songs in the show are on her CD, Music From Living On The Earth, which she released in April 2000, just before her first tour of the show, an 8-month, 75-performance epic drive around the United States.

The other show, Living In Hawaii Style: Talk Story, goes into greater detail about Alicia's nearly 30 year residence in Hawaii, learning Hawaiian music from prominant Hawaiian musicians, and releasing her CD, Living In Hawaii Style, in August 2001. The story offers visions of an idyllic Kihei, Maui, in the 60's, life in remote Hana town, life as an underwater photographer, a freelance musician, a wedding coordinator, an artist making a comeback. Both the show and the CD contain about half original songs and half historic pieces, some in ki ho'alu (slack key, or open tunings), and some hapa-ha'ole--in the jazz-influenced style of the big band era. Alicia began touring this show in December 2001, with about thirty performances in Hawaii and California as of June 2002.

"...a humble but accomplished sorceress...singing songs of the waves and flowers and people. ...What is so evident in Alicia's work is her love for traditional Hawaiian music and for the guitar itself....I thank Alicia for bringing the spirit of the goddess and her magic all the way across the sea to me. Her songs ran through my dreams all night." Kathie Gibboney, Topanga Messenger, April 18, 2002

For more information, or for bookings, please contact Alicia Bay Laurel by email at alicia@aliciabaylaurel.com, by phone at 1-808-334-3314, or by post at HCR 3 Box 11116, Keaau, Hawaii 96749-9230 USA

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